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the first & pretty much last time i’ll be showing my face on this site. .„ ,.
also i have a thing for that denim jacket 😅

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  1. I have three best friends~ Tommy, Leslie, and Jelisa <3
  2. I am an international business major but I’m thinking of changing majors
  3. I will be studying in Seoul, South Korea at Ewha Womans University for the 2014-2015 academic year so for about 10 months
  4. I have four brothers and one sister, with me being the fifth child of six
  5. My favorite color is pink and my favorite flavor is strawberry
  6. I’ve been a bana since OK era but didn’t really talk to other banas until August/September 2011 (which was when we first started BANA Chats ;;; and met Leslie, Jelisa, Judy, Monica, and everyone else wah)
  7. I like to buy others gifts when I have the money to do so but I’m really bad at picking out the gifts tho
  8. I always start projects but never really finish them ;;;;
  9. I like citrus scents and my favorite perfume brand is Escada 
  10. I really like makeup and fashion even though I don’t really dress up or put on makeup because I’m lazy lol My favorite makeup brands are Benefit Cosmetics and Urban Decay

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= SOLODAY “Thanks To” Part.2 =




First of all, I’m sincerely thankful to all the hard working staff in the making of this album. It’s because of everyone’s hard work, everyone’s efforts and passion, that we have such good results. Later on we’ll repay you with our excellent performances. This year I’ve wanted to appear in front of everyone with better music, so the release of this album is very exciting. Just like I’ve said in 2nd official album previously, I want to be a better artist, last time was the first step, this time will be the following step, thinking of this, I feel quite glad but also regrettable. Through B1A4’s voice [we’ve] shown many forms, many rhythms, many lyrics, we’ve tried very hard. However I don’t want to be full of complacency. For the fans who believe in us and have waited for us, I also want to be a person who works hard and continues to run forward. Sometimes when we’re walking forward, we might meet difficulties or feel tired, but because you keep giving us confidence and stay by our side, we can be filled with energy and continue forward. Everyone’s existence is the biggest source of energy for us. I hope this time the songs can become happy memories for the fans who have waited for us for a long time. Thank you all.

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I hit over 250 followers recently, but I didn’t notice until today! I don’t know why you guys follow me but thank you so much! Back in December of last year, like the day before Gayo Daejun, I made this k-pop sideblog. Little did I know, I would make this my main blog, deleting one I had been using for over two or three years.

Since then, I have met a good number of awesome people. I appreciate every single one of you and just wanted to let you know that. Most of all, it feels great to vent about k-pop related things without being ignored or misunderstood.

Here are some blogs that have made that experience even better for me whether it was through their posts or just interacting with me. Please check them out, they are all amazing. Favorite ones are bolded, my loves are italicized. Both means follow them NOW, haha.

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Y-Z: ygbiaszicovakrismatic  

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This is what I call love, unbreakable bonds, connected hearts.

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as both a Harmonizer and a Mixer, I now have yet another girlgroup to fangirl over. Welcome Beatz

Girlgroups taking over the world. 



[VID] 140716 MBC B1A4’s Wonderful Days preview 2 cr: region


i just wanna say i find it very amusing that cnu’s hair is like the biggest controversy in banaland (at least since that ill-advised vogue photoshoot in january, which was actually problematic) and that people are so upset about it… like of all the things you guise… hair grows back

seriously. it’s not like his hairstyle is suddenly going to change who he is
(● ̄(エ) ̄●)